About Us + FAQ

What is Studio Lixx?

Owned and create by @millaabathh, opening in August 2021.
Studio Lixx is a small business operating within Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. With an abundant love for home interiors, design and disco, Studio Lixx was born. Inspired by the desire to create something unique and different, Studio Lixx releases limited drops of acrylic furniture - hence the name acryLIXX - and decor pieces.
Our products are made to make a statement. Or as we like to say, functional by day, funky by night.

Why are your products released in limited drops?

A majority of our drops will be available instantly. However, some of our products will be limited and available by pre-order only. This ensures we are not over-ordering stock and creating excess wastage. Additionally, this will support us in calculating demand and help create a level of exclusivity with our products. 
Keep up to date via our socials, website and order tracking to determine updated wait and shipping times. More shipping info can be found here.

Are your products environmentally sustainable?

Our range is completely made out of acrylic/perspex material - which is 100% recyclable! As we continue to grow, we are working towards ensuring our packaging remains that way as well, as this is something very important to us. 
Head to the bottom of our care page which details our recommended recycling and disposal options.

Can I custom order a piece?

Unfortunately at this point in time we are unable to accomodate for custom pieces. Keep an eye out as we continue to release a variety of colours and styles each drop.